Meet Our AdmiNinjas


We are very happy to introduce you to our wonderful Virtual Assistants:


Tawny Branaman

AdmiNinja Sensei

Administrative Support & Business Services Specialist


Tawny has almost 16 years of experience working as an Administrative Professional and Personal Assistant for many different types of businesses and people.


Over the years, her skills have evolved, as she has utilized those skills in a wide variety of industries; including Advertising & Marketing, Legal, and Retail. 



Valerie Ercanbrack

Administrative Specialist


Valerie is a professional administrative administrative assistant with over 30 years experience working C-level management.


After leaving her spouse of 32 years, she moved to West Texas, where she began a career with the Attorney General's Office. She transferred, within that agency, back to the Dallas area to live with and help her divorced son; who has custody of his two children. When she was laid off - due to agency restructuring - in April, 2013, she began taking care of her terminally ill mother.


She is very excited to be a part of the AdmiNinja team, and is also currently working with a temporary employment agency.


J. Quinn


Content Specialist


J. Quinn is the previous owner of DG Enterprises, where he was in charge of all aspects of the office curriculum. He wrote advertising ads on internet sites, as well as in type print publications. He also wrote job descriptions for employment sites and unemployment agencies. In the 6 years DG Enterprises was active, he was responsible for the production of many safety manuals, technical writings, and procedures.


He is quite excited to be working with AdmiNinja Virtual Assitant Agency, as a writing specialist.

Sheila Manning

Internet Research Specialist


This is Sheila's professional bio.


Shawna Watson

Services Specialist


Shawna is a mother of five amazing children, and therefore, a professional multi-tasker! She love learning new things, and loves challenges.


She has many skills and talents, and is looking forward to putting them to use, as well as expanding them.


She loves writing and research, and is very skilled in budgeting and planning.



Michael Rushing

3D Animation & Video Game Design Specialist



Michael is a student studying 3D animation. After he finishes school, he plans to design video games.


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