What Valerie wants you to know about herself:

  • "I really enjoy anything having to do with typing or data entry."

  • "I keep a steady pace, and check my work as I go along, to prevent mistakes from snowballing."

  • "Because I am very organized, I am able to accomplish a lot in a limited amount of time."

  • "I'm organized and efficient and I'm able to multi-task very well."

  • "I'm always on top of my projects, but I do welcome input and will consult with team members to ensure we're all on the same track."

Valerie Ercanbrack

Administrative Specialist


Valerie is a professional administrative administrative assistant with over 30 years experience working C-level management.


After leaving her spouse of 32 years, she moved to West Texas, where she began a career with the Attorney General's Office. She transferred, within that agency, back to the Dallas area to live with and help her divorced son; who has custody of his two children. When she was laid off - due to agency restructuring - in April, 2013, she began taking care of her terminally ill mother.


She is very excited to be a part of the AdmiNinja team, and is also currently working with a temporary employment agency.


Valerie's Specialties include:


  • Data Entry

  • Project Management

  • Document Processing & Management

  • Spreadsheet Creation and Management

  • Web Research

  • Transcription

  • Record & File Management

  • Report Creation

  • HR / Payroll

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